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Urination is a natural process. But, it might be unnatural for some people when they cannot control their bladder. Never be ashamed if you are one of them! If it’s not you but any people known suffering from it, suggest him that there is a brilliant support to prevent the nuisance on bed created by this problem. Quality disposable bed wetting pads like the “Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats” have been proven more than worthy in this regard.

Goodnites has been producing quality bed wetting pads for adults and babies for a long time. It might be traced back to the year 1994 when it released the first one. However, the current one we are going to explain is one of the best waterproof mattress protectors available on the market.

It’s a non-slip mattress pad that will keep your mattress from being soiled. You cannot change the bed too quickly, so you will be stress-free. The effects of the weak bladder can be largely controlled by this unit. You just need to take the washable bed wetting pads and place it again on the bed after washing and drying. This will saves your money by not allowing to replace the full mattress.

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Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats (Best Disposable Bed Wetting Pads): At A Glance


Best Sellers Rank

Polypropylene material;

  • Dimensions are 30” length x 36“ width;
  • Micro-Pocket Technology;
  • Disposable bed pads with adhesive strips;
  • Super Absorbent Technology; GoodNites XL pair Underwear;
  • Recommended to be used on full cotton or flannel sheets;
  • Leakage barrier;
  • White color, 9.1 pounds weight;

User Satisfactions

Best Sellers Rank

Soft and quiet;

  • Fit across a twin bed;
  • Trusted night time protection;
  • Secure placing on top of the bed;
  • High absorbance capacity;
  • Sheet and mattress protection;
  • Simple and functional;
  • Fit for both- toddlers and adult;

User Dissatisfactions

Best Sellers Rank

Coverage could have been larger;

  • Too strong adhesive;
  • Reported working incapacity at repelling water;
  • Noisy somewhat;

Key Findings of The Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats Review: Why Should You Buy It?

For them who urinate on the bed in the night, this is an ideal choice. To be a perfect disposable bed mat for toddlers and adults, a unit must that capacity. The Goodnites comprises of the best possible facilities required to minimize the bed wetting nuisance. You can even use it as hospital disposable bed pads. We have practically analyzed for whole a day. The size (covering areas) might be a matter, but concerning other issues as mentioned below the unit is awesome.


Appearance and Sizing

This disposable bed wetting pad from Goodnites comes in white color. On the plastic side, there is branding decoration. The branding side is not a vital issue as it will always be faced-down and it won’t be worn like the diapers. It comes in folded with a 3x4 rectangular shape. Approximately, they measure 36” x 30” when unfolded. You will find the pads good enough for the babies or toddlers, but as per our observation, might be a little bit short for the adults’ required size.


Sticky Adhesives

On each corner of the plastic side, there is an adhesive square. Each of the corners measures 6” x 6”. The disposable bed pads with adhesive squares are enough sticky to held down. Our wet pad review says that the adhesive is too sticky! Sometimes, it might be a tough task to remove the unit from mattress due to the stickiness. You can remove and replace the mat several times without affecting its stickiness if the mat isn't properly aligned. We cannot give you the answer if you ask ‘how many times it can be done’.


Comfort Level

When you put a fresh diaper, you will get a super fresh feel. Never expect that feel from the Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats. They are soft and comfortable, but you will get a feel like the plastic-backed paper towels. But, as there is something like inner-cloth lining so it won’t be uncomfortable. It means- neither very plush nor very uncomfortable.

Being partially plastic, these disposable bed wetting pads are a bit noisy. But, unless you move too much around the pad while sleeping, the sound won’t disturb your sleep. If it’s placed under a sheet, it might be noiseless, although we can’t guarantee. Overall, you might notice the noise but it won’t be disrupting.


Absorbency Test

For the disposable waterproof bed wetting pads, the most significant feature is its absorbency capacity. The manufacturer claimed it to be super absorbent with a pair of L-XL GoodNites Underwear. We don’t disagree with them. Still, there is something to say! The absorbent capacity depends on how and where you’re laying down. And, there is a certain limitation of the amount of poured water.

While testing, we poured an amount of water measuring from 100ml to 500ml. Being one of the best waterproof mattress protectors, it was able to absorb 250ml very well. After that, it started to get wet and when it crossed 400ml, then it was over-flooded! So, we consider the maximum absorbent amount something in between 250ml to 400ml.



It has been another user choice and best sold like another one- the Goodnites Tru Fit Pads. The overall quality concerning the appearance, comfort, and absorbency, this unit has been successfully satisfied the users. If you think the received service, then you can say it cost-effective. But, we think the price could have been a bit lower than it shows right now. However, you can try for Goodnites bed mats coupon. All the giant retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart will give you the opportunity to take the coupon facility, and there will be a concession.

Shortcomings and Flaws: What You Should Consider

We have noticed a very few complaints coming from the users. While testing, we did not find anything seriously negative. What we got in our result are pretty common and very few in numbers. They are:

  • Size: The mat has a 3 x 4 rectangular shape measuring 30” length and 36” width. Being the bed wetting pads for adults, this is not enough. It could have been larger, although this is a good fit for the toddlers.
  • Too Strong Adhesive: In most cases, we found the adhesive squares in this unit are too sticky! Sometimes, it might be a tough task to remove the unit from mattress due to the stickiness, which is problematic for sure. We suggest you not to stick directly with the mattress.
  • Noisy Somewhat: The disposable bed wetting pads are a bit noisy. But, unless you move too much around the pad while sleeping, the sound won’t disturb your sleep. If it’s placed under a sheet, it might be noiseless.
  • Incompetency: Reported working incapacity at repelling water;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: How much count does it have?

    A: There are 4 of the 9 count packages. In total, it has total 36 counts.
  • Q: Can anyone wear Goodnite Diaper in addition to the bed mat support?

    A: Yes, he or she may do it for extra protection. This is not something that you must to do/ need to do, but you can do.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, users love the Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats, and specifically, this one has been one of their best choices. Despite the few shortcomings, this is a good choice for both the adults and toddlers. It can ensure you soft and non-wet good feel. Most of all, it has already caught the user trust and has been performing very well, indeed. So, your purchase won’t go in vain, we think.

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