How Mattress Are Made

What is the best thing you want when you come back to your room after a tiresome and hectic working day? The answer may be 'shower' or 'food' or anything else. But in most of the cases, it will be “A Comfortable Bed or Mattress” in most cases; we have data. Your sleeping comfort largely controls the working stamina for your next day. And, for your long-time health benefit, a good mattress that can ensure a sound sleep is a vital thing.

The concept of ‘mattress’ is not something that has come only a few hundred years ago. It has a history of thousands of years. You might trace it back to the start of the human race. Initially, they used to using leaves, animal skins, straw or the likely things to lie down. The concept became smart, effective, and comfortable with the gradual development of civilization.

The story is different now! A quality mattress at present not only gives you sleeping comfort, but also ensures style, motion transfer, health benefits, and peace of mind. They are made in different ways from the past what are technologically far advanced. Here in this article, we are going to find out things about how mattresses are made.

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Types of Mattresses and Their Construction Procedures:

The mattress making procedure varies from type to type. For better understanding, you should know the basics of different types of mattresses. There are around 15 types of mattresses available on the market right now.

Let's check out the most common and effective options and their manufacturing process-

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress is the most common mattress used all over the world. A steel coil support system is the key component of an innerspring mattress. Manufacturers offer several sorts of spring systems. You will get some of them where springs are connected into a single unit and units with individually wrapped pocketed coils.

The difference between them is determined by the designs, numbers of coil, spring shapes, and coil gauge.

The innerspring is covered by sort of padding or any of upholstery materials like fiber, foams, or even smaller steel spring layers. Support and strength largely depend on the number of coils.

The higher the number of coils, the more the amount of support and comfort. To control the firmness, this is very vital thus.

Let’s go through the manufacturing procedures:

  1. ​In an innerspring mattress, four types of coils are usually used- Offset, Continuous, Bonnell, and Pocket Spring. The Bonnell coils are hourglass-shaped and knotted at both the ends.

    Offshores are the same with the flattened top and bottom to expedite a hinging action among the coils.

    On the other hand, the Continuous is a steel wire (long strand) converted into the S-shaped units. The ‘Pocket coil’ (last one) is encased in coil-casing units adjoining fabric.

    You can find coil springs ranging from 250 to 1000 for use in an innerspring mattress. There are fewer coils in a mattress, where you need to use a heavy gauge wire.

    The helical (corkscrew-shaped wire) are used there at the end for latching the coils/springs together; 
  2. Now come to the other components necessary to make a traditional innerspring mattress. There are two different upholstery layers – the Cushioning layers and the Insulator.

    The insulator is a directly affixed layer in between the innerspring coils and cushioning layers. It prevents the cushioning layers from being molded to the coils.

    On the other hand, the cushioning layers can be of 2 to 8 layers that determine the comfort and feel of the mattress;
  3. The mattress then wrapped up by a decorative cover, which is manufactured by a giant quilting machine.

    Another thing is the flanges. As the connecting panels, they are attached to the quilted cover with the help of the round staple large size hogs rings. The rings are made secured to the innerspring unit while closing the operation; 
  4. Operation closing is a critical task that requires high-skilled execution.

    Under the supervision of an expert operator, a moveable sewing head is used for the operation closing segment. There is a track where the sewing head is mounted; 

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress is a sensational addition to the mattress world. It’s mainly made of using the Polyurethane as the support system.

In addition to that, different types of chemicals are added to increase the density and velocity of the mattress. People sometimes call it “Low-resilience Polyurethane Foam” or “Viscoelastic Polyurethane Foam”.

In a memory foam mattress, the foam contours pretty close to the body shape of the sleeper. In reaction to the sleeper’s body heat the memory foam mattress gets soften, and within few minutes, permits it to mold to a warm body.

Now come to the points on way of making foam mattresses:

  1. ​Right before starting the production, Polyols (plant oils or petroleum products derived alcohols), isocyanates (compounds derived from organic amine), and other reacting agents are blended together;
  2. The blend is thrashed into a forth then and poured into a mold. As a result, it starts to release heat and bubble up. It causes the production of foam gradually;
  3. To create open cell matrix, the foamy blend may be infused with blowing agents, or gas, or vacuum seals. Air versus the number of mixture of polymer determines the density of foam;
  4. The foam chunk, at this level, is known as ‘bun’. It’s being cooled and heated up again. Then the process of curing starts. The curing process might take 8 hours to couple of days;
  5. Soon after the curing, the memory foam becomes reaction free. Then it’s dried or washed so that no residues exist. When the foam chunk gets clear and residue free, it can be inspected for checking the quality;
  6. It’s ready now. At this last stage, the unit is cut into pieces according to the sizes to be used as mattresses. It’s a ready to be assembled and you can start to fit it on your bed;

Latex Mattress

Latex is a processed form of rubber sap. It was discovered early in the twentieth century (the 1900s). Latex as a mattress is a great sleeping surface.

It offers a good number of benefits of the memory foam mattress fulfilling some of the drawbacks of the memory. A latex mattress creates a durable sleeping surface by combining the latex foam and springs/reflex foam.

People have a good concept about it because of being made from the extract of natural products. It’s comfortable, heat dissipating, user-friendly, and durable. The manufacturing process is not that much complicated; how is it?

  1. The first step is to collect the rubber sap, which I known as processing; 
  2. Then the sap is mixed with a small amount of other solidifying materials; 
  3. The liquid mixture then is passed into an oven specially made for this reason. It solidify the liquid more and more. The liquid becomes a foamy stuff there. You can say it foamy or liquid latex;
  4. Then, the foamy latex is passed into a washing station. Any amount of residue and unreacted agents are cleaned. The latex foam then converts into a block and it’s dried by hot air to make it ready for use; 
  5. To do this, Two different ways can be followed- Dunlop method and Talalay method. This is how the latex mattressea are made;

Gel mattress

A gel memory foam mattress is known as ‘Gel Mattress’. Sometimes it’s called as the ‘Visco Foam Mattress’. It’s far a bit different compared to the regular memory foam mattress.

An original gel mattress is made from Visco foam and gel particles. Using a specific type of technology the gel is added to the foam.

The combination of that two increase airflow and reduces the mattress heat.

This is well-familiar for its heat reduction capacity; and for this, it’s even used in firms to help the cows on hot days. A gel memory mattress foam is cool, supportive, and comfortable; 

Hybrid mattress

Nowadays, many people know about the memory foam mattress and gel foam mattress, but good numbers of them won’t like to buy an all-foam mattress.

For them, a hybrid mattress is the best choice. A hybrid mattress is made by combining two or more support systems. There you will find an innerspring system covered by memory foam layers. Both category benefits will be available for you.

​You will receive a great experience of the pressure relieving advantages of memory foam as well as a classic feel of an innerspring system mattress.

It will provide an outstanding stability, what is necessary for your back to be staying aligned. At the same time, there will be cushioned softness what you desire. The making process is nothing but the blend of innerspring and memory foam.

As you have known the innerspring and memory foam mattress manufacturing process, so you know the things.

Airbed Mattress

Airbed mattress is a portable and multi-purpose mattress unit. For its support system, it uses an adjustable air chamber. An airbed is usually covered by upholstery materials or padding (not like the traditional mattress padding) and a blank airflow chamber inside it.

You just need to fulfill the chamber with air when necessary to make it a full mattress.

You can adjust the firmness of your airbed by controlling each of the sides of the mattress separately. They look alike the conventional mattress. It's a comfortable sleeping solution for both - normal and adverse situations. And, you don’t need to cost a lot for it.

Waterbed Mattress

Waterbed mattress are more likely the airbed system without that much portability.

There is a water chamber inside the rectangular frame of the mattress what you need to full with the water.

It looks like a traditional bed mattress that fits in any the existing standard size rooms. Making a waterbed mattress can be done in two ways, i.e. making the soft-sided beds and the hard-sided beds.

  • ​There is a water chamber inside the rectangular wood frame concerning the first one;
  • On the other hand, the water chamber is kept inside a rigid foam’s rectangular frame, which is zipped inside a casing made from fabric;
  • You need to cover the water chamber by upholstery materials or padding;
  • The water chamber either can be kept “free flow” or “waveless”;

Last Words

For a user, it’s not a must necessary fact to know about how mattresses are made, but for better understanding about what they are going to buy, this article will help a lot.

We focused the basic ideas about the manufacturing processes. In coming times, we will bring things more details. Our effort will be effective if you get even a bit of benefit out of it.

We're listening from you. ..

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