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How Much Is A Full Size Mattress

How Much Is A Full Size Mattress

You can never ignore the reality of a good night sleep. If you miss sleeping well at night, literally speaking, it’s nearly impossible to replace except few exceptions. To be healthy, energetic, and well-functioning, you must have to get an adequate amount of sleep.

A good sleeper can’t understand how many people go through sleeping difficulty and how desperately they need it! It might result in physical damage or even incapability at the end.

There are so many reasons behind this kind of sleeping inadequacy. Not having a standard and well-suited mattress is a vital reason. Here it indicates ‘how much is a full size mattress’ important to let you be good at sleep, health, energy, and functioning. You have a top-notch full size bed mattress means you’ve nearly everything like adequate mattress space, proper firmness, and balanced pressure point.

If you are a single, a full size mattress is going to be a bed-field for you. Yes, I’m telling the reality. But you can pass a good time together with your partner on the bed while sleeping or relaxing. Although we prefer a queen size mattress for couples, instead of a full size. Soon after you end the analysis below about the full size mattresses you will understand everything you need.

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Full Size Mattress Dimensions


A full size bed or mattress is a mid-version of Twin and Queen. It is 15 inches wider than the standard Single or Twin bed and 5 inches shorter than the standard queen bed. That means the full size mattress dimensions are 54 inches x 75 inches (width x length). It’s made to be fit with the full size bed dimensions.

Who Can Use a Full Size Mattress?


A full is an excellent choice for a growing/big teenager or two or more children as they require more space to move over the bed frequently. Remember that it can be used for couples but never be a perfect match. Although, before the arrival of the queen size mattresses, it was the standard choice for the couples’ bedroom. Later, it had been replaced to the guest rooms or smaller rooms for single person/ two children.

2 adults can hardly accommodate themselves on such a full bed size mattress. Only 27 inches length for each of them won’t allow them quite a good movement over the bed. However, this will turn to be a crib mattress size for each of them instead. For taller individuals over 6 feet, this is not a good choice.​

Warning For The User And Traveler

When you are traveling around and just checked in a hotel be cautious of the right mattress size. You might get confused and need to face difficulty for that. If you are a taller single or two adults/couples, then you should check the bed mattress size by yourself to avoid being a fool. Actually, many of the hotel beds are advertised as queen, even though they are full size version.

Double vs Full Bed Size Mattress – Are They Similar?


One of the commonly asked questions is - whether a full size or a double mattress is the same. And, people get confused about that fact most of the time. However, the answer is pretty surprising that both of them exactly have the same size (54 x 75).

​There is no difference between them except a few. A couple of years back before the arrival of the queen, these two were meant to accommodate couples or 2 adults. Nowadays, they are mainly used for the spare bedrooms. The most effective benefit of a double or full size bed is that it can fit in a small room and accommodate 2 people as well. Although, the queen has made the thing different once this was the standard.

However, the key differences are-

  1. ​They two are called in different names;
  2. There you will find single type of full bed available but several types of double bed sizes like small double (48” x 75”), standard double (54” x 75”), and extra-long double (54” x 80”)'

Full vs Queen Size Mattress – Difference Chart





54” x 75” (width x length)

60" x 80"

Sales Ratio

More than 20% of total sales

More than 32% of total sales


Mostly for single full adults or double growing teenagers

Mostly for couples or double full adults

Width Per Person

27 inches

30 inches


A rectangular box only

A rectangular box supported by a center leg

Level of Full Size Mattress Comfort

Level of comfort largely depends on the materials used to increase the internal support mechanism of the mattress. Manufacturers use 4 different types of comfort level in the mattresses.

  • ​Firm;
  • Extra Firm;
  • Plush;
  • Ultra-Plush;


When you purchase a full size version, give importance the Plush or softer options over the extra firm. A Plush mattress uses extra padding to alleviate much pressure from your hips, shoulders, and arms. But, consider the firm or extra firm version if you are a heavyweight person, or stomach sleeper, or back sleeper.

​Last Words

​For years, the full bed size mattresses (double size mattresses) was the most favored and purchased mattress all over the world. However, in the recent past, use of queen size has been increasing significantly. Still, the double size has a big impact on the users.

Over 20% sales ratio speaks for it. And, it has already created another area of use. So, you can purchase it unless you seriously need a big one like the queen.

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