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How Much Is A Queen Size Mattress

How Much Is A Queen Size Mattress

You should never start a mattress buying process unless knowing enough about it. Although, we do it often. We go to the shops and purchase what seems to look good. It's seriously a bad practice and harmful act for health in the long run. Relax, comfort, sleep and soundness of your health largely depend on the type of mattress or bed you are using. So, you need to pick the right one according to your requirements, and never compromise on the size issue.

By the way, if you’re planning to purchase a mattress, then why don’t you think about the queen size? It is big enough to be used by some. For the couple, it’s like a perfect match as they usually want quite a bit more space in the bed. Having fun with your toddlers and pets on a queen size bed will surprise you for sure.

You can understand how much a queen size mattress is good only if you own or experience it. For a single person requiring more sleeping space, or couple expecting to be closer with their toddlers, a queen is a right choice.

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What is the Size of a Queen Mattress?


A standard queen size mattress has dimensions of 60 inches width and 80 inches length. It's an ideal choice for them who want sufficient space on their bed while saving a good amount of living space in their room.

For the couples, growing children, and adults whoever love to sleep closer, the queen size is the preferable one. This is why it has been the most popular mattress available out there on the market with a ratio of 40% of total mattress sales.

Price of a Queen Size Mattress


Do you have any idea on how much you need to pay as the price of a queen size mattress? Actually, it varies and largely depends on brands and models. Considering all the prices we can say that the average price range of the queen mattresses is around $250-$5000.

You can purchase at any price suitable to you either cheap queen size mattress or high price mattress. Always try to get the best one at your budget. Never compromise with the quality and comfort for a bit amount of extra money.​

Memory Foam Queen Mattress


A mattress can be made of different materials, for example, the memory foam. It wasn’t initially designed to be used in the mattress. In 1970, it was made for flight comfort as well as crash safety. NASA was the designer and developer.

However, the memory foam queen mattress is the most popular unit of all the bed types today. You can find it within your budget. It’s brilliant at reacting to the heat and weight of your body.​

The unique feel is the main reason why people are so attracted to it. The result is simple! It’s the unparalleled unit as sleeping partner of most of the people.

What’s so special about the Queen Size? - Advantages


There are different things and features that have been made this a special type of mattress quite a bit different from all other units. Thus it has been the most popular user choices.

Let’s check the specialty in brief-

  • Queen size itself the most important specialty​;
  • Enhanced compatibility with any kind of room decor;
  • Comfort and health compliance;
  • Preservation of living space while accommodating a lot;
  • A great compromise between Twin Size modesty and King Size sheer;
  • Covers more than 40% of total mattress sales;
  • Best choice for restful time;
  • Expected level of firmness and durability;
  • Than to a regular double size it offers more width;
  • Best choice for the couples with their toddlers and pets;
  • Also great for them who use sprawling over the bed;
  • Can accommodate 2 adults with 30 inches personal space for each;

Flaws of Queen Size


Everything has not only the advantages, rather the disadvantages too. A queen mattress set has a few flaws what you should know very clearly. 

Let’s check out those-

  • Overweight person might feel the size as cramped;
  • Some of the couples feel for more space than 30 inches sleeping space for each;
  • Most of the available bedding are marked wrongly and they can’t accommodate the mattress;
  • It could have been more comfortable- objection against some models and/or some brands;

Differences Between Queen and King Size


Queen Size

King Size


60 inches x 80 inches

75 inches x 80 inches

Space (Per person)

30 inches

38 inches


For guestroom or smaller bedrooms

For master bedrooms



Most suitable for couples

From $250 to $5000; less expensive than king

Most suitable for family

It’s expensive than queen

Last Words

When it comes to size and type of mattress, there is no boundary concerning these indeed. In fact, any mattress can be of any size or any type although there are few certain types and sizes are commonly followed (like the queen size).

​Among all the established sizes, the queen size mattress is widely popular all over the world for its compatibility and multi-purpose use. If you want luxury, comfort, enough sleeping space, and a good amount of living space at the same time, then a quality queen size mattress is the best option for you.

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