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How Much Is A Twin Mattress

How Much Is A Twin Mattress

Who doesn’t love to get a sleeping space sole for him except a new child? Yes, we all want some space for ourselves, and sleeping space is not an exception too. A twin mattress is the best thing to fulfill your demand for extra sleeping or relaxation space. The sales rate also speaks for it. With an approximate 30% sale, the twin mattress has got the second position after queen in overall sales.

A twin mattress is the best choice for the single person. No matter if he is big or small in size. Actually, it has to different versions to fit with the different types of people. The regular twin size mattress is the best option for children and small/average size people. On the other hand, there is another size for the big size people.

The twin sizes have great numbers of user satisfaction reports all over the world. Especially in the USA, it’s a highly purchased bed set, indeed. You will certainly find some brilliant things within the twin. How much is a twin mattress to the users and for why we are going to focus these issues here in this article.

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What is a Twin Size Bed /Mattress?


A twin size bed is a frame setup which is made for fit a twin size mattress. Now come to the point, what is a twin size mattress? It’s the smallest possible mattress according to the standard mattress sizes except the crib-size mattresses. Although, there is a larger version of it.

The regular size twin mattress dimensions are 38” x 75” (width x length).This dimension is obviously small for a big size adults. If you want to be pointy, then it’s wise to say that a twin is most fit for the children who have already grown up from their cribs.

That’s why in USA or most other country you will find a twin bed in the children’s room. You can also fit it as a bunkbed or daybed in the smaller rooms.

Twin XL Size Mattress


We said two or three times about this category of twin unit above in the article. This has obviously fulfilled the size limitation of regular size twin unit.

A twin xl size mattress has same dimension concerning the width (38 inches) but it features an added 5 inches of length (80 inches), which has made it quite a good choice even for the larger size people (especially concerning the taller).

How Much Does A Twin Mattress Weigh?

Usually a regular twin mattress weighs around 45 lbs. to 55 lbs. On the other hand, an XL size has around 5 lbs. more weight than the regular one. Both of them have additional 5 lbs. to 10 lbs. more weight when boxed. However, the weight varies due to different types of mattress materials.

Twin Vs Single Bed Size : Same Size Yet Different Name


Some of the purchasers get confused whether the Twin or Single size mattresses are the same or different. The simple answer is- both of them are same in size and nature. And, there is no serious difference between them as regards use.

What is called “Twin” in America, the same one is called “Single” in Europe. Actually, they differ based on their quality, not size or type.

​You have a king size bed means you have enough space underneath it to be used for any kind of suitable storage. Many of the mattresses come with drawers that help to optimize the use of storage space to its maximum level. It’s a great benefit of a king is that it ensures no wastage of space.

Benefits and Flaws of Standard Twin Size Mattress


As said earlier, it's the best mattress for kids. There are certainly some other user-oriented excellent benefits that have made the unit second best seller after the queen.

The advantages and flaws are briefed below:

  • Good fit for small size rooms;
  • Can be pushed together to make it fit for couple use;
  • Quite affordable;
  • Less priced bedding and accessories;
  • Lightweight and great in maneuverability;
  • Foot space is shorter;
  • Impossible to accommodate more than one person;

Benefits and Flaws of Twin XL Size Mattress

XL unit of twin mattress comes to fulfill the limitations of standard unit. So, it certainly adorned with some extra benefits like:

  • ​Extra-long version;
  • Good fit for taller people;
  • Flexibility concerning different floors and decors;
  • Two pushed-together XL units make a king size mattress;
  • Capable of making seasonal savings by back-to-school sales;

Tips on Buying a Twin Mattress

Picking the right size mattress is always important. A twin mattress is not an exception too. You should remember the following things while purchasing one:

  1. ​Get the best design style according to your room decor;
  2. Never compromise with the comfort layers as they will control your feel;
  3. Coils are very important. Can select any of the 3 common options – Pocketed, Continuous, and Bonnel;
  4. We suggest the XL size if your child is at teen;
  5. Use low box spring if your twin unit is thick and the bed frames come with rail supports;

Last Words

It’s all about the Twin Size and Twin XL Size Mattresses. We believe this article a pure guideline to know the fundamental and most important things about this mattress. However, we suggest studying more if you want to know everything about this unit more deeply.​

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