Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper

Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper

Don’t you love to ensure a better sleep for your child in his crib? We know that the answer will be ‘yes’! Memory foam mattress for baby cribs cannot always ensure the right amount of firmness and comfort for the children. Sometimes the mattresses are either firmer or softer than the requirement. A mattress topper like the ‘Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper’ can be the best option there. In order to ensure the best sleeping comfort for your baby, it makes a great balance between firmness and softness of the mattress.

The Milliard is a well-known US company that has produced various bedding and sleeping products. Among their most efficient and famous products, this memory foam crib topper is one. This is soft and supportive. The waterproof unit can provide your baby a wet-free comfort sleep.

The soft crib mattress topper will contour your baby’s body and lessen his tosses and turns. It will help to reduce pressure on the baby’s spine and minimizes any ache or pain if he suffers from. After capturing heat it distributes it throughout the whole topper by allowing air flow. It will keep your baby calm and cool and ensure a better sleep. We tried to focus every single issue here in this mattress topper review.

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Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper: At A Glance


Best Sellers Rank

Luxurious 2" thick full memory foam;

  • Dimensions are 52" x 27" x 2";
  • A bit smaller compared to a standard mattress size;
  • Waterproof and removable 65% cotton zipper cover;
  • CertiPUR-US certified;
  • Hypoallergenic Cover;
  • Weight is 5.4 lbs.
  • It rolls easily for transport or storage purpose;

User Satisfactions

Best Sellers Rank

Contours perfectly, medium-firmness, and comfortable;

  • Topper can be cut for custom size mattress;
  • Maximum functionality;
  • Washable and dryable by machine;
  • Anti- (bacterial, allergen, mold, dust mites);
  • Ventilation, optimal cooling, and SIDS prevention;
  • Don’t get flat over time;
  • Water resistant;

User Dissatisfactions

Best Sellers Rank

Bad gas smell;

  • Need to be careful when it’s used for the newborns;
  • Flammability is not beyond question;
  • It doesn’t get flat over time- we cannot completely comply with it;
  • Insufficient warranty information;

Key Findings of Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper Review: Why Should You Buy It?

Before tested the unit, we had collected huge numbers of user impressions on it. Although, we have good numbers of test reports on this non-organic crib mattress topper run by trusted and accredited laboratories. We believe users are the key reviewers. However, we took a comprehensive idea about users’ and experts’ saying.

Then we started our analysis, which lasted for 9 hours. Although, we kept the topper under our post-test observation for few days. Collected result is briefed under this Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper Review. If you read it well, it will be a good guideline for you.


Construction: Materials and Comfort

The mattress topper is made using 2” thick 100% memory foam or polyurethane foam certified by CertiPUR-US. The foam used to mold according to your child’s body. So, he/she can easily sleep and the foam doesn’t create any disturbance while sleeping. It helps to reduce the body heat of your baby when he/she is sleeping. The cover is 65% cotton, which is plush and sweat absorbing. Although, there is a low possibility of sweating due to the mattress air flow heat retention. The cotton cover is of non-slip nature and protects the mattress from being wet from fallen liquid and soiled from the tear. It enhances the longevity of the mattress. The cover is soft yet strong.


Health Security and Other Safety

The memory foam crib mattress topper safety should be a high concern for the parents for the sake of their children. However, the Milliard Crib Mattress Topper comes with different safety standards. The manufacturer gave quite an importance to the softness and SIDS prevention issue. They have ensured that your child won’t sink into the foam and feel any suffocation problem. The topper is medium-firm with 3 pounds density and 11 ILD. The open cell structure of the topper ensures required ventilation, which is the key suffocation preventive measure. Although, few of the parents have claimed that there was ventilation insufficiency.

As said earlier that the cover is of 65% cotton and waterproof. In addition to the water-resistance capacity, the cover is equipped with the hypoallergenic mechanism. That’s why it can fight against the bacteria, dust mites, mold, and allergens. These things are very much harmful to the babies from which they are secured now. But, we are a bit afraid of the flammability protectiveness. In this regard, it doesn’t meet the US flammability standards.​


Packaging and Unboxing

The mattress topper comes in vacuum sealed and rolled form in a comparatively small box. You just need to unroll the unit and flatten it. At the very first, it might not be flat well. So, just wait maximum 48 hours, and it will be perfectly decompressed within this time. It’s free from toxic chemicals or materials. But, you might have a sharp and bad smell after unrolling it. Sometimes, this might be very tough to take by a baby. So, before you give it to your child, wait one or more weeks from the unboxing.


Perfect Fit

Some users have said that the unit is a bit smaller than the standard size mattress, and it made the topper placement hard for them. Amazingly, the manufacturer said it clearly that they had made it a bit smaller intentionally! They preferred maximum functionality over the fit. But, they have confirmed it that after a certain time, your topper will be a perfect fit with your mattress. Even, you can cut the unit if you need to use it for a customized mattress.

Drawbacks: What You Should Consider

The unit has few technical flaws and performance shortcomings. We think the flammability, smell, and odor issues are the main among them. The manufacturer acknowledged these and directed to use the Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper with keeping them in your consideration. They have been honest, and the problems are not much compared to the benefits. But, you should check them still-

  • Bad gas smell: The unit comes as rolled and vacuum sealed. You will get a bad odor when open the package box. This might be felt toxic to your child. So, before you give it to your child, wait at least one week after unboxing.
  • Not best match for newborns:  Actually, newborns are very prone to extra softness. So, if you find this unit for your infant, then we suggest you not to use it. Still, if you use it then you need to be careful.
  • Flammability: This is not beyond question and a big concern! We really dislike this fact of the topper. We wish it could meet the US flammability standards.
  • Flatten over time: The manufacturer claimed that it doesn’t get flat over time. We cannot completely comply with it. A few user complaints against getting flattened.
  • Warranty:  It has been said that warranty should be provided according to the manufacturer concern. If you check the topper in different online retailer stock you can understand that. We contacted the manufacturer. They said the warranty is 5-year limited. They were cordial. But, we think this a bit vague! This is insufficient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • ​Q: What should I use to cut the topper for custom size mattress?

    A: You can use a razor. This should be a better way.
  • Q: Is the ventilation pad machine washable?

    A: No, the ventilation pad isn’t a machine washable. You only can wash the outer cover.
  • Q: Is it suitable for a 7 month baby?

    A: We recommend that you need to be very careful if your baby is still under 6 months. It’s better to avoid the topper at this time. As your baby is of 7 months so you can give a try with full of care.

Concluding Remarks

The Milliard 2-Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Crib Mattress Topper has been a user choice very soon after it came to the market. It has received huge positive appreciations with few negative impressions. Interestingly, the negative impressions were a very few issue and users have said in a very soft language!

That means they were disappointed, but not like that they need to break the deal with the topper! We think this is a good sign in favor of the unit. So, if you need one crib mattress topper, you can try it.

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